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DevLog #17

Updated: Jan 12

So, over the past week or so I've been working extra hours, seriously getting down to business to get some solid progress on my newest game project and complete all the core gameplay and lag compensation techniques including server-side rewind and client-side prediction, that I wanted and needed to implement.

All in all, it's done and ready for alpha testing. The next step is to finally implement player bookkeeping and game modes; Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. These are just the beginning.

New assets will also be added and I'm excited to be working alongside a friend and a seriously talented artist to create all these.

This project is going places and I cannot wait to see how it grows.

Below is a summary video essentially showing the player's journey from opening up the game to starting and spawning in a round.

And yes, Frame Arenas is the final name for the game.


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