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From the age of 4 years old when my dad bought me a GameBoy Pocket, I have been an avid gamer. I play all types of games from FPS, racing sims, RTS, RPG, third-person etc on PC, console and handheld (PSVita is still a great console no matter what anyone says!). I develop games with the Unreal Engine 5 and C++ and take inspiration from games I play to develop any ideas I scribble down on paper.

Gaming is something I have been involved in since the age of 4 when my dad bought me a GameBoy Pocket. I have been obsessed with videogames ever since and every single game and console I have owned I still own. Gaming is a huge part of my life and it has gotten me through some very difficult times personally. Whenever times were tough, I'd pick up a controller or sit at my PC desk and play, and every problem in the real world goes away for that time. I know how games make me feel when I play them. They make me feel a range of emotions from pure joy, to frustration online, to even making me cry if the story makes me. That for me is what makes games so special and for me, to be part of a team that develop a game and make a player feel like how I feel when I play games, there is no better feeling on this Earth. That is my biggest driver to develop games and make a difference. Games can unite people on opposite sides of the spectrum, they can teach people new things, they can introduce new worlds to players that they otherwise wouldn't be able to see. I have always been fascinated with how games are made. What makes the X button do this or how does that enemy know to come and attack me etc. As a player you only see the end result but for me I always wanted to see how exactly that end result came to be. That is what excited me more than anything is seeing the fruits of my labour following long hard hours on a project.

I attend gaming conferences such as EGX and PLAY Expo every year and also attend smaller events locally. I am a member of several forums including PlayStation, Steam etc.  


Outside of gaming, I play the guitar which I taught myself to play. Been playing for 16 years and like gaming, it's a great escape from the real world for me. I occasionally write music when I'm not writing code. I am a keen adventure board game player. I regularly play Dungeons and Dragons and HeroQuest with friends and we do occasionally meet up with groups to set up events and play. 

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